OLO Sex Embellish Condom Men's Ultra-thin Hyaluronic Acid Natural Latex Condom crystal condom 001 grasps the potential market demand, as well as the perfect control of technology research and development, production volume, materials, etc., to ensure that it can lead the latest trend of the industry.It has a large assortment of applications including Condoms.
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What you are witnessing here is the excellent Human lubricant,Toy cleaner,Men delay spray/Cream,Women orgasm liquid,Wet wipes of Guangzhou haoyimai Trading Co., Ltd..It is expected that it will lead the industry trend. hot sells indeed plays an essential role in our everyday activities.The Best product are undeniably beautiful, legendary in their own way and yet timeless enough to remain popular throughout a brief period of time. So, shake hands with us, expand your business, and increase your clientele.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:OLO
Model Number:Condoms-001Type:Ultra-thin condom
Color:Blue/Yellow/ PinkLength:160mm-210mm
Product Name:OLO CondomsPlace of origin:China
Shelf life:5 YearsPackage:10 tablets
Characteristic:Ultra-thinCertificate:SABAS certification

Product Name
OLO Condoms
Main Ingredient
Natural Latex
Single package size
No retail package.
OLO condoms Ultrathin Hyaluronic Acid Natural Latex Condoms for men advantages:
1.Hyaluronic acid advantages: Hyaluronic acid condoms without silicone oil, hyaluronic acid small molecule moisturizing nourishing
performance to improve times, hyaluronic acid PH values closer to the human body will not damage the health of private parts,
simple flushing that is clean without repeated cleaning
2.Long-lasting lubrication: Persistent lubrication lubrication, comfortable experience, refusal to dry and pain, adding sufficient
lubricant, easy to clean non-sticky, smooth and clean
Vanilla flavor: Do not let all the fun destructed by the taste of industrial rubber that ordinary condoms emit. Long-lasting
vanilla flavors will delight your senses, increase sexual pleasure and experience
3.Ultra Thin thickness: An upgraded version of the thin hyaluronic acid condom will make you feel like you are not wearing the
condom, so feel more keen, enjoy more exciting sex
4.Advanced non-toxic latex: Commitment to the use of high-quality latex, after more than 30 times refined to improve latex
flexibility and ductility. Soft rubber ring, easy to wear and comfortable to restore the skin touch. We will give you a smooth,
thin, soft condom, so you get a very good feeling

High Volume Hyaluronic Acid

Each condom is strong, flexible and reliable
Easy on shape makes condoms easier to put on and more comfortable to wear
Premium Condom with a pleasant scent
Material:Natural rubber latex + hyaluronic acid Lubricants
Length: 160±2mm
Width: 52±2mm
Color:Black/Red,as picture shown
Package size:10x7.5x5.5cm/3.94x2.95x2.17''(approx)
Quantity: 10pcs/Box
No retail package.
Using Effects
Packing & Delivery

Can I order the products as appointed color?

-Yes,we usually prepare some color condom,you can contact with us to check the color
if we have or not before you make the order.If your quantity is more than 1.5 million
pieces,you can appoint the color.

Whcih market you exported to before?

-We have exported more than 150 countries,such as European countries,South
America,Africa,Middle east.....

Can you meet the regulation requirement of EU or USA market?

-Yes,we can.
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