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50ml toys cleaning appliance cleaner toy appliance Clear the skin
Guangzhou haoyimai Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water based lubricants and toys . After 20 years of development, the company has more than 10000 square meters of existing workshop area. The workshop belongs to GMP  level medical dust-free workshop, and has obtained the certification of [national environmental protection certification], CE, SGS, ISO22716. Our production scope includes: all kinds of human body lubricants, climax fluids, mouthwash, disinfectant water, disinfection wipes, utensils non washing disinfectant, female antibacterial lotion, delay oil / cream, condom oil, SM and other products. Our products use all imported raw materials, imported machinery and equipment, layer by layer to ensure the safety of enterprise products in the hands of consumers. we have a professional business team, we can carry out OEM / ODM customized products according to customer needs, from brand, design, to procurement, packaging materials, finished products,.shipment of one-stop operation, is the preferred domestic partner, welcome to call to discuss!
Customizable toy care cleaning spray appliance cleaner liquid OEM/ODM
This product is human care product with mild and safe ingredients  It can be cleaned before and after using the appliance. It can  play a very good cleaning effect, so that you can use the  appliance with confidence and promote the harmonious life of the couple
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