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COKELIFE 50ml Male Massage Cream Take Good Care Gel Natural Ingredient For Men Custom Private Label
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COKELIFE 5ml Nature Herbal Lubricant Ginseng Long Lasting Time Essence Tube For Man Happy Love Personal Lube
During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, some shepherds found that the number of sheep in heat increased significantly after eating a kind of grass.  Male sheep, however, did not have a soft penile erection and copulated with ewe more often and for longer than they did with other weeds. On one occasion, Tao Hongjing overheard shepherds talking about this on the way to collect herbs.  After field investigation, he decided that this kind of grass has the function of aphrodisiac.  Tao named the herb "Herba epimedii" for its ability to increase sexual activity in sheep.
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